2. STEP 2 Download Keystore file
  3. STEP 3SAVE Private Key
  4. STEP 4Access Wallet
  5. STEP 5Search Token
  6. STEP 6Search HUMANIQ
  7. STEP 7Receive HUMANIQ
  1. Go to www.myetherwallet.com and enter password - select "Create New Wallet"

    - We would recommend opening a notepad or text edit file and storing this information in case you forget

  2. Download Keystore file and press Continue.

    - Copy and Paste the generated Keystore into a text edit or notepad file

  3. Copy and paste the Private key and Print Paper wallet.

    - keep this safely, failure to do this will be loss of access to your etherum wallet.

  4. Go to www.myetherwallet.com - select “Send Ether and tokens” - select “Private key” and enter the saved Private Key, Hit Unlock.

  5. Select "Show all Tokens" under Token Balances

  6. Find the HMQ Token in the list

  7. Now you can receive HUMANIQ by providing your own Public key

    - Your public Key/address is like your bank account number, you can share this with anyone or input it in an exchange where you would like to receive HUMANIQ from

  8. Congratulations, You are all Set!!

    - You can buy HUMANIQ directly from www.cryptonoob.io with your credit card or you can also buy them from listed HUMANIQ exchanges

NOTE: This guide should not be claimed or referred as 'investment guide/advice' or as a 'recommendation' regarding any course of action.